Moring Pan Mukhwas

  • Moringa Pan Mukhwas is made with 100% natural ingredients.
  • It contains no harmful items such as tobacco.
  • Loaded with Dhana Dal, Fennel Seeds,SalliSupari,Moringa Leaf Powder,Raw Sugar,Gulkand,Nagarvel Pan,Chanothi Pan,Elaichi.
  • Its historical and traditional value.
  • Anyone hailing from subcontinent will immediately relate to pan from their own region.
  • Comes in close container to clean and fresh breath.


“I AM Moringa that deals with every thing from planting the Moringa tress to producing value added Moringa products and supply them to the customers directly. And we Retails Varies Moringa products including powder, capsules, oil, seed and Spices. We have our own Moringa farms of 300 Acres. We are growing our Moringa farms organically without using any Chemical fertilizer sprays, Pesticides and herbicides”

Moringa Benefits

  • Moringa is renewable source of phenolic compounds, vitamin C, carotenoids, essential amino acids etc. it increase the energy level of the body, help in reducing the body pain.
  • Moringa leaves are used to make its powder. leaves are rich source of vitamin A, B, C, K, E etc.
  • Moringa is rich source of antioxidant which acts against free radicals of the body. due to its antioxidant properties it helps in protecting cardiovascular system.
  • Moringa helpful in filtration of blood thus detoxifies chemicals and metabolized fat. due to high concentration of polyphenols it helps in reversing oxidation of liver.
  • Moringa consist of calcium and phosphorus, which help keep bones healthy and strong. due to its anti inflammatory activities it is quite useful in Joint Pain.
  • It is natural antibiotic and has antibacterial properties thus inhibit the growth of pathogens which upset the digestive system.


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